was designed and developed with a single purpose: to help native and non-native English speakers alike learn English vocabulary words faster, by seeing how words are used in real examples.

It’s one thing to see the definition of a word, but it’s another to see how that word is used in a sentence. By viewing how a word is traditionally used – in real writing (which is linked to for each example) – we found that we were able to learn words at a faster rate, and hopefully you will too!

For each word we have on our site, we display up to 50 sample sentences from writing found around the web. We sort the sentences from smallest to longest – which tends to result in the simplest examples being displayed first. In addition to example sentences, we have up to 25 definitions of each word from 5 different sources, along with its part of speech, pronunciation, and syllabification or hyphenation.

We hope you find our website useful. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or criticisms, feel free to contact us.