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Examples of harass in a sentence

Harass is a pretty challenging word, but we're here to help you better understand it...with EXAMPLES!

When learning new words, it's important to see how they're used, or to see them in the different contexts in which they're often used, and that's just what we'll do to help you better understand harass (and many other English words!). By seeing different ways you can use harass in a sentence, as well as synonyms and antonyms of harass, you will have a much better grasp on how it should be used, and you'll feel more confortable with using it much sooner.

Below you will find the definition of harass, followed by 44 sample sentences (from real sources), gradually increasing in length.

harass(hə-răsˈ, hărˈəs)

(verb) - annoy continually or chronically

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EXAMPLES - Harass in a Sentence

  1. He was the only one that knew that 'harass' was only one word. (source)
  2. Would that more foreigners would "harass" people in this way in Taiwan. (source)
  3. What makes someone feel it's okay to verbally and physically harass, maim or even kill? (source)
  4. The motion said that Lorenzo has been trying to "harass" the defendants and drive up costs. (source)
  5. While Sr. Pedro and I like to harass each other I am quite serious (well almost) about the following observation. (source)
  6. Despite the frequency with which I use the verb "harass," I think this entry should've been entitled "Hassle Hasbro." (source)
  7. In some instances, state public health workers have been found to harass and threaten people testing positive for HIV. (source)
  8. Another opposition deputy singled out by Mugabe, Mike Auret, said there was nothing that Mugabe could "harass" him for. (source)
  9. Bowersock said he thinks the city is singling him out and using selective enforcement of property codes to "harass" him. (source)
  10. White is now serving time in federal prison in Beckley, W. Va., for using his website, e-mail and telephone to harass strangers. (source)
  11. The newest order also states that shelter staff may not "harass" city staff by calling them at home, as happened over the weekend. (source)
  12. There was clearly a lot of history here: Petropoulos admitted that the police had previously warned her not to harass Carter and Altman. (source)
  13. Threat of indefinite wheel jam looms today threatened to call an indefinite strike if the administration continues to "harass" drivers of (source)
  14. Dr. Warren Hern says people regularly "harass" patients who visit the Boulder Abortion Clinic, prompting him to increase security measures. (source)
  15. "harass" and "impede" voters by challenging them at the polls, an accusation GOP officials have denied, saying they only want to combat fraud. (source)
  16. "the champion" of demands for the protection of rail commuters, its supporters were using the same weapons that were forbidden on trains to "harass" commuters. (source)
  17. Thinkprogress is on a "harass" O'Reilly advertisers campaign and claim to have forced UPS to pull their adds from The Factor but the only proof is a sketchy email (source)
  18. After the fight that we didn't get to see with Bumblebee because we were forced to see a robotic gremlin harass 2 annoying kids, Barricade disappeared from the film. (source)
  19. Authorities can no longer prevent the marches, so they have opted, with classic Castro-Cuban skill and cynicism, to organize pro-government crowds to harass the women. (source)
  20. Badger said that when he first heard shots ring out, he thought he was hearing the pop of firecrackers meant to harass Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, whom he had hoped to meet. (source)
  21. 'harass' US vessel* video: china accuses US navy of breaking the law* china says US provoked naval confrontation* econocrash video: 50k rally against tax hikes in new york* (source)
  22. Walking through a Riviera Beach neighborhood last week, 23-year-old Bo Brown denounced the law as a pretext for police officers to "harass" young men idling on street corners. (source)
  23. Their study also found governments in more than seven in 10 Muslim-majority countries harass Muslims, while Muslims are harassed in only three of 10 Christian-majority nations. (source)
  24. Lyme Regis has "serially and mindlessly attacked the Icahn entities" with pleadings that serve "no purpose but to harass" Mr. Icahn, the financier's attorneys said in court papers. (source)
  25. Since last week, Iranian traffic cops have been authorized to harass and fine women for failing to wear "Islamic" dress, which means a few strands of hair showing on their forehead. (source)
  26. One top official in the commerce ministry points out that despite signing a trade and transit agreement, Pakistan officials routinely harass Afghan trucks and traders on flimsy grounds. (source)
  27. Immigration officials in the Transkei region were on a new campaign to "harass" expatriate teachers who had no work permits, a delegation of Indian nationals claimed in Umtata at the weekend. (source)
  28. Prosecutors said the gang adopted a "racist principle" that, according to the indictment unsealed Tuesday, members would "harass and use violence to drive African-Americans out of the city of Azusa." (source)
  29. But while many U.S. jurisdictions allow judges to shift the costs in litigation, such maneuvers are generally reserved for extreme cases, such as when a lawsuit is filed simply to harass the other side. (source)
  30. Day to day, though, censorship is less about dissuading the truly motivated (though, if it can make them easy to detect and harass, that is a plus) and more about preventing the casual from becoming motivated. (source)
  31. I know how disposed as a race we are to wilt, to lose heart, and complain, in the glare of new exhibitions of prejudice, such as harass us in our native Virginia, and our brethren in other parts of the country. (source)
  32. Human rights and legal analysts say that Attorney General Johannes Tomana, a loyal member of President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party, is orchestrating a campaign to harass the MDC using police and state prosecutors. (source)
  33. The New York Times '' Deal Journal 'reports that new AIG CEO Edward Liddy has written to CNBC' Mad Money 'host Jim Cramer, seeking an apology for Cranmer's recent suggestion that viewers should' harass 'AIG employees. (source)
  34. Is it any surprise that some teenagers think it is acceptable to rough someone up or harass them for being gay, when our own government seems to think is acceptable to kick someone out of the armed forces for being gay? (source)
  35. A lie, actually, unless you steal the ice cream or commit some other crime while doing so, and are here illegally, in which case, you have every reason to expect the federal government Obama heads to "harass" you as well. (source)
  36. I think that while many people don't have much of an opinion on relative strengths of metals and harass engineers about it, everybody, to some degree or other, is engaged about health issues and put some thought and a lot of concern into it. (source)
  37. The law under which they were charged says it is illegal for inmates to "harass" corrections staff by causing or attempting to cause "employees to come in contact with blood, seminal fluid, urine or feces by throwing or expelling such fluid or material." (source)
  38. The Coleman campaign has charged that there are reports that Franken workers have used the information to "harass" and "intimidate" voters in Beltrami County to try to get them to sign affidavits stating that they want their rejected absentee votes counted. (source)
  39. NEW DELHI: The Election Commission has issued notice to Congress general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh Digvijay Singh for allegedly threatening Chief Minister Mayawati that the CBI would be used against her if she continued to "harass" Congress workers. (source)
  40. Agriculture released a report Monday stating one in six KOLKATA, 18 NOV: CPI-M state secretariat member, Mr Shyamal Chakraborty, police with dire consequences if they "harass" his party supporters today, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warning that on this day alone more than 17,000 (source)
  41. Also sounds like I need to get the FM3 and then the worst case scenario will be that I have to get to the border within a year from the FM3 initialization, and best case scenario is that even if I don't there will never be a problem unless some law enforcement official wants to harass me. (source)
  42. Agriculture released a report Monday stating one in six KOLKATA, 18 NOV: CPI-M state secretariat member, Mr Shyamal Chakraborty, police with dire consequences if they "harass" his party supporters Bengal - jute and strike - are pitting Mamata Banerjee against her one-time mentor Subrata Mukherjee and offering her a (source)
  43. Weekly Blitz newspaper by armed hooligans belonging to the ruling party in Bangladesh, members of law enforcing agencies are reluctant to take any action, as it now seems some high ups in the government and police administration instructed the investigation officer not to 'harass' any of the accused in this case as they are members of good standing of the ruling party. (source)
  44. But, according to a press release from Weekly Blitz received today, after full one week of attack on the office of the newspaper by armed hooligans belong to ruling party in Bangladesh, members of law enforcing agencies are reluctant in taking any action, as some high ups in the government and police administration instructed the investigation officer not to 'harass' any of the accused in this case as they belong to the ruling party. (source)

Sentence Information

The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 44 example sentences provided below is 46.0, which suggests that "harass" is a difficult word that tends to be used by individuals of higher education, and is likely found in more advanced literature or in academia.


We have 52 synonyms for harass.

annoy, attack, bait, bedevil, beleaguer, bother, bug, bullyrag, burn, despoil, devil, distress, disturb, eat, exasperate, exhaust, fatigue, foray, get to, give a bad time, give a hard time, gnaw, harry, hassle, heckle, hound, intimidate, irk, irritate, jerk around, macerate, maraud, noodge, pain, perplex, persecute, pester, plague, raid, rattle one's cage, ride, strain, stress, tease, tire, torment, trouble, try, vex, weary, work on, worry


We have 23 antonyms for harass.

activate, aid, assist, assuage, build, calm, clarify, clear up, comfort, delight, encourage, energize, explain, facilitate, help, invigorate, make happy, placate, please, reassure, refresh, soothe, support


Pronunciation: (hə-răsˈ, hărˈəs)

Syllabification: har-ass


View up to 25 definitions of harass from 5 different sources, as well as parts of speech.

from The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  1. (verb-transitive) To irritate or torment persistently.
  2. (verb-transitive) To wear out; exhaust.
  3. (verb-transitive) To impede and exhaust (an enemy) by repeated attacks or raids.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (verb) To fatigue or to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts.
  2. (verb) To annoy endlessly or systematically; to molest.
  3. (verb) To put excessive burdens upon; to subject to anxieties.
  4. (noun) devastation; waste
  5. (noun) worry; harassment

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (verb-transitive) To fatigue; to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts; esp., to weary by importunity, teasing, or fretting; to cause to endure excessive burdens or anxieties; -- sometimes followed by out.
  2. (noun) Devastation; waste.
  3. (noun) Worry; harassment.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (None) To fatigue or tire out, as with annoying labor, care, importunity, enforced watchfulness, misfortune, etc.; distress by perplexity; wear out, as with toil.
  2. (None) Milit.: To annoy by repeated attacks; keep constantly on the defensive.
  3. (None) To lay waste or desolate; raid.
  4. (None) To rub or scrape.
  5. (None) Synonyms Distress, etc. (see afflict); to jade, disturb, exhaust, fag. See trouble.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (verb) annoy continually or chronically
  2. (verb) exhaust by attacking repeatedly