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Examples of jaunt in a sentence

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jaunt(jônt, jänt)

(noun) - a journey taken for pleasure

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EXAMPLES - Jaunt in a Sentence

  1. But the jaunt prompted criticism of slack policies towards children. (source)
  2. Blackshanks made the opening move, a bold jaunt forward with a knight. (source)
  3. Now the picture's finished I aim to take a little jaunt for my health. ' (source)
  4. The short jaunt was a memorable treat and at least half the fun was getting there. (source)
  5. Surely you only treat yourself to this kind of jaunt as a reward after great achievement? (source)
  6. "Yes, all except Bakkun, who went off with the heavy-worlders on some jaunt of their own." (source)
  7. She reveled in a "jaunt" or a "day out," and her physical strength kept fatigue far from her. (source)
  8. Alvin started out with a 4ew bold steps, as easy as if he was on a Sunday jaunt on the commons. (source)
  9. Don Palomares (when did you become a DON?), No we haven't made the jaunt from the airport before. (source)
  10. The most scenic jaunt is the St. Mary Lake tour, which departs from the Rising Sun Boat Dock ($22 per person). (source)
  11. But if you want a really good jaunt through the future of an unattractive kind, you might try "Riddley Walker." (source)
  12. If they manage to keep you within the pale for more than a month or two, even after this jaunt, it will be a marvel. (source)
  13. Such a jaunt was a rare treat to the child, for Isabella Spencer seldom allowed her to go from home with anybody but herself. (source)
  14. The jaunt was the final event during Mr Berlusconi's private visit to Saint Petersburg, which has been ridiculed by the Italian Left. (source)
  15. But not unlike a certain mild-mannered cinematic professor given to the occasional jaunt, Mr. Hedges also had a passion for archaeology. (source)
  16. The details vary with the manufacturer, but a visit to the factory is always on the itinerary and a jaunt out to the tobacco fields common. (source)
  17. Just by being aware and focusing on things I was grateful for, I discovered things that I never stopped to appreciate during my daily jaunt. (source)
  18. After a quick five-minute jaunt we reached Dubie's apartment, an anonymous little claptrap located at the end of an alley behind a laundromat. (source)
  19. And finally, a deckhand on the vessel, Billy Blackwell, says the trip was a party jaunt to Cuba, during which Greene and his squeeze went shopping in Cuba. (source)
  20. I would actually recommend them to travelers who have spare time in the airport to go for a jaunt (with the caveat, that you're not looking fly while you fly). (source)
  21. When and with whom: Summer as a family or as a couple, Autumn I can picture a solo jaunt here for a number of days with a good book and catching a film or two in town. (source)
  22. So I wasn't going to have her making a Western jaunt an excuse for renewing fond acquaintance with Master Spotted Tail, who'd have her in the bushes quicker than knife. (source)
  23. O'REILLY: We have been trying for more than a year to find out how much money Hillary Clinton, Chelsea, and their entourage spent in their two-week jaunt to North Africa. (source)
  24. Referring to the minister's visit to Auschwitz as a "jaunt," the Toronto MP says Mr. Kenney should be here, or in Haiti, dealing with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. (source)
  25. He talked of a Baltimore jaunt I wish he would hasten it - give my love to him and I pray you my dear Maria, wrtite more freqeuently to one who is always, most ---- fondly yours - (source)
  26. When I arrived in Italy, with my guidebooks, and my list of must-see activities, I fully expected an active jaunt through the streets, but that idea was put to rest at my very first sight. (source)
  27. But of her available tracks, the single, "Let You Know," stands out as the most instantly catchy and danceable, a musical jaunt found somewhere at the intersection of Britney Spears and Rihanna. (source)
  28. Summer Spain jaunt: The first lady's advisers told her it was not a great idea to take a luxury international vacation in the dog days of summer, when most Americans were planning low-budget staycations. (source)
  29. In reality, it went almost unused, at least when I was a student, because there was no more than a handful of students who actually owned ice skates and had time between classes to take a jaunt around the rink. (source)
  30. Richard Bloom, an aviation security expert at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla., said although this incident amounted to a childhood jaunt, it highlights legitimate safety implications. (source)
  31. The president will arrive Saturday and spend just over 24 hours in the Panama City, Fla., area, a quick jaunt in contrast to the family's upcoming 10-day vacation to Martha's Vineyard, known as a destination for the wealthy and privileged. (source)
  32. Before you blame your daily jaunt to Starbucks or weekly trip to the movies for breaking your budget, take a good hard look at how much you're paying for less obvious but much more expensive money wasters like overdraft fees and auto insurance. (source)
  33. A Piper Lance prop plane carrying two brothers and a teenage boy crashed shortly before noon into the rear of a Eurocopter AS-350 that had set off on a 12-minute jaunt over Manhattan with five Italian tourists and Jeremy Clarke, a 32-year-old pilot. (source)
  34. The girls were racing about in absolute delight over the ferns, while Mr. Rand, who had actually taken the "jaunt" from the hotel afoot, sat on a huge stone comparing notes with his muscles, and with the inactive years of discretion and indiscretion. (source)
  35. Then, very much under the radar, arrived one of those stories that could be as WAGy as all the rest, but ... a Georgia television station surveyed metropolitan Atlanta and found that 12 percent of that sprawling Obama-land plans to make the 652-mile jaunt to see history made. (source)
  36. Since, we're mostly broke, this jaunt has to be a cheap as possible, so our investment is a one-day unlimited MetroCard, ($8.25), and an official National Park Passport ($9) to get stamps in (we have to prove we've been there, and not all these places are worth photographing). (source)
  37. WOLF: That's one of the cool things that you really don't have to spend extra money to do those things and take those great jaunt at Pebble Beach or whatever sound a digital camera makes, just to the north, you got San Francisco, so you can go to pier 39, you go to fisherman's wharf. (source)
  38. This wizening of our features was due to the strain of travel and lack of sleep; we had enough to eat, and I have only mentioned it to help impress the fact that the journey to the Pole and back is not to be regarded as a pleasure outing, and our so-called jaunt was by no means a cake-walk. (source)
  39. When the fatal marriage was announced, he was planning what Boswell calls a jaunt into the country; and in a letter dated Lichfield, Oct. 4, 1784, he says: "I passed the first part of the summer at Oxford (with Dr. Adams); afterwards I went to Lichfield, then to Ashbourne (Dr. Taylor's), and (source)
  40. After a busy week, I finally stopped once to realize, WOW, I do really have a lot to be grateful for: fresh fruit, connecting with an old friend, a morning jaunt in one most beautiful cities in the world and oh yeah, I have jobs that I love (trust me, I've been at many jobs that I didn't enjoy). (source)
  41. The big yacht-politics story of the week comes from Florida, where Jeff Greene -- the titanically wealthy housing-market shorting tycoon running for the Democratic nomination for Senate -- has come under fire for rolling down to Cuba in his 145-foot yacht, Summerwind, on a jaunt that left the decks of said vessel "caked" in "vomit." (source)
  42. Two descriptive terms tend to jump out at you: The first is "party boat": the St. Petersburg Times 'Adam C. Smith reminds readers today of an account from Gregory Zuckerman's book, The Greatest Trade Ever, that describes a Summerwind jaunt to the Black Sea that involved "Ukrainian strippers" and "stewardesses from coastal towns" that were hired as crew-slash-massage therapists. (source)

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The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 42 example sentences provided below is 62.0, which suggests that "jaunt" is a standard word that is understood by individuals with a high school diploma or degree, and can be found in news articles, books, magazines and other places.


We have 41 synonyms for jaunt.

adventure, airing, amble, beat, canter, circuit, constitutional, course, cruise, drive, excursion, frolic, gallop, hike, jog, journey, junket, march, outing, patrol, peregrination, picnic, promenade, prowl, ramble, ride, round, roundabout, run, safari, sally, saunter, stroll, tour, tramp, travel, trek, trip, turn, voyage, walk


We have 0 antonyms for jaunt.


Pronunciation: (jônt, jänt)

Syllabification: ['jaunt']


View up to 25 definitions of jaunt from 5 different sources, as well as parts of speech.

from The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  1. (noun) A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing.
  2. (verb-intransitive) To make a short journey.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (noun) A wearisome journey.
  2. (noun) A short excursion for pleasure or refreshment; a ramble; a short journey.
  3. (verb) To ramble here and there; to stroll; to make an excursion.
  4. (verb) To ride on a jaunting car.
  5. (verb) (obsolete) To jolt; to jounce.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (verb-intransitive) To ramble here and there; to stroll; to make an excursion.
  2. (verb-intransitive) To ride on a jaunting car.
  3. (verb-transitive) To jolt; to jounce.
  4. (noun) A wearisome journey.
  5. (noun) A short excursion for pleasure or refreshment; a ramble; a short journey.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (None) Same as jaunce.
  2. (None) Same as jaunce, 2.
  3. (None) To wander here and there; ramble; make an excursion, especially for pleasure.
  4. (noun) A jolting; a shaking up, as by much walking.
  5. (noun) A ramble; an excursion; a short journey, especially one made for pleasure.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (noun) a journey taken for pleasure
  2. (verb) make a trip for pleasure