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Karma in a Sentence

Examples of karma in a sentence

Karma is a slightly difficult word, but we're here to help you better understand it...with EXAMPLES!

When learning new words, it's important to see how they're used, or to see them in the different contexts in which they're often used, and that's just what we'll do to help you better understand karma (and many other English words!). By seeing different ways you can use karma in a sentence, as well as synonyms and antonyms of karma, you will have a much better grasp on how it should be used, and you'll feel more confortable with using it much sooner.

Below you will find the definition of karma, followed by 42 sample sentences (from real sources), gradually increasing in length.


(noun) - (Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation

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EXAMPLES - Karma in a Sentence

  1. And that's what you could also call karma -- Kyra? (source)
  2. Its called karma and the Liberals are copping it in spades. (source)
  3. "karma" - statistics testing and development ticket tracking. (source)
  4. And I ` ve heard the word "karma" tossed around once or twice. (source)
  5. Its called karma and the Broncos are getting a huge dose of it. (source)
  6. Your karma is the accumulation of your deeds in your current life. (source)
  7. It's called karma Reilly, and you're finally getting what you deserve. (source)
  8. Trying to work out that kind of karma in this life was a cheap way out. (source)
  9. It seems there is what you might call karma even in the corporate world. (source)
  10. In Buddhism, the care of others relates to the idea of karma and samsara. (source)
  11. Bhava implies the four entities called karma, samanya, visesha and samavaya. (source)
  12. This is what is called karma -- a convenient and now widely-used term, originally (source)
  13. 'karma' -- other than the former being a 'recruitment pitch' of an organized scam? (source)
  14. If I am guessing right, this might just end up coming back to me in 'karma' fashion. (source)
  15. Gyant's raked him over the coals, Soulja Boy called his new sales "karma" - The world is over him. (source)
  16. That kind of karma is helping the Tampa Bay Lightning deliver on coach John Tortorella's guarantee. (source)
  17. To take one example, only a decade ago, the word karma would have meant little to people on the streets. (source)
  18. It rejects the idea of karma, that every bad thing that befalls a person is the result of his immorality. (source)
  19. After this, I guess Karma had it in for me (not actual "karma" - more like the My Name Is Earl kind of karma). (source)
  20. So let's speak here in merely the most general terms and use only the word karma to refer to everything involved. (source)
  21. Indian very strongly believe in karma so did everyone else they just not have the name karma in their religious books. (source)
  22. Our culture has also picked up the word karma and made it a concept understood by many that what goes around comes around. (source)
  23. How a person is reincarnated is determined by karma, which is a principle of cause and effect governed by nature's balance. (source)
  24. You can call it a reversal of karma, which is something I didn't anticipate after the Bulldogs 'surprising run to the NCAA Tournament. (source)
  25. Horrible* and yes you do deserve to be paid back. it's called karma, and it's got you in it's grips this very second. heres your choices .. (source)
  26. A bad enough public score will simply lead to that user's abandoning the account and starting a new one, a process we call karma bankruptcy. (source)
  27. We need to be aware that when the word karma is used in general discussions, it refers to the whole topic of what happens and why it happens. (source)
  28. And the actress Sharon Stone feels the fallout after suggesting China's earthquake tragedy was bad "karma" brought on by its actions in Tibet. (source)
  29. The app will only work if everyone with an Android app actively participates, but the only incentive to do so is something called karma points. (source)
  30. It is called karma for all the terrible evil that Amerika has done to the world, the Zionist demons in the theocrazy of Israel being the last straw. (source)
  31. And certainly my karma was the reason I was working at a job that didn't pay enough for me to live on, let alone buy a private health insurance plan. (source)
  32. Sade was powdering himself with some sort of pleasure-inducing chemical; something called karma and another called flush were all the rage at the time. (source)
  33. Theravada also has a very different explanation of karma, which is not found in the Sarvastivada schools or in Mahayana, but we will not go into that now. (source)
  34. From my research and inspiration I have led to a concept called karma and this seems to be the only thing stopping us from achieving, health wealth and happiness (source)
  35. The show, starring Jason Lee, chronicles Earl ` s quest to right all the wrongs that he ` s committed in his life in order to cleanse his karma, which is important, a little karma cleansing. (source)
  36. The ancient Chinese translated the word karma with the Chinese character that is always used in compound words having to do with business, so they got the connotation of karma being like a business investment. (source)
  37. While in the hospital, Earl is introduced to the notion of karma -- via a "Carson Daly" show, of all things -- so he makes a list of the 200-odd people he's screwed over and gets started doing right by each of them. (source)
  38. Similarly from the global account of karma, which is known as prArabdham, some portion is transferred to the new local account when the soul reincarnates into a new body and this portion of karma is called sanchitham. (source)
  39. I'm not sure how to square that with the idea of karma - how energy would retain and transmit traces of the nervous systems it had powered in the past - but I like the basic premise as a starting point for tackling the whole issue. (source)
  40. The soul, however, in the generality of cases, united with ebhih, by which is meant ayasa-kritam karma, that is, the acts done in pursuance of the religion of Pravritti, becomes embodied and, therefore, enjoys happiness or endures misery as the case may be. (source)
  41. Simply put, there is a unity of focus to Karma that directs every aspect of the story towards the common but elusive goal of articulating the notion of karma in a way that is both visceral and nuanced, not to mention, ultimately effective beyond the sum of those parts. (source)
  42. He needed that feeling far more than I needed to win the argument or to keep the few dollars Besides, the workings of self-applied justice that some religious philosophers call karma show that over the long haul the worst thing one person can do to another is to allow the other to get away with an evil act. (source)

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We have 7 synonyms for karma.

atmosphere, aura, fate, feeling, kismet, power, vibrations


We have 0 antonyms for karma.


Pronunciation: (kärˈmə)

Syllabification: kar-ma


View up to 25 definitions of karma from 5 different sources, as well as parts of speech.

from The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  1. (noun) Hinduism & Buddhism The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.
  2. (noun) Fate; destiny.
  3. (noun) Informal A distinctive aura, atmosphere, or feeling: There's bad karma around the house today.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (noun) The concept of "action" or "deed" in Indian and Nepalese religions understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect (i.e., the cycle called samsara) described in the dharmic traditions, namely: Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies. The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of his existence, regarded as determining his next incarnation.
  2. (noun) A distinctive feeling, aura, or atmosphere.
  3. (noun) The idea that one reaps what one sows; destiny; fate.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (noun) One's acts considered as fixing one's lot in the future existence.
  2. (noun) The doctrine of fate as the inflexible result of cause and effect, especially the principle by which a person is rewarded or punished in a subsequent incarnation for deeds in the previous incarnation; the theory of inevitable consequence.
  3. (noun) One's destiny; fate.
  4. (noun) The supposed non-physical emanations that a person gives off, which may affect other people; vibrations.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (noun) In Hindu religion, one's action or acts considered as determining his lot after death and in a following existence; the aggregate of merits and demerits of a sentient being in one of his successive existences.
  2. (noun) In theosophy: The doctrine of fate, destiny, or necessity as an invariable sequence of cause and effect; the theory of inevitable consequence, In the concrete, the result of one's actions; that which happens to one for better or worse, in matters over which one may exercise any choice or volition.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (noun) (Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation