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Naturalization in a Sentence

Examples of naturalization in a sentence

Naturalization is a pretty challenging word, but we're here to help you better understand it...with EXAMPLES!

When learning new words, it's important to see how they're used, or to see them in the different contexts in which they're often used, and that's just what we'll do to help you better understand naturalization (and many other English words!). By seeing different ways you can use naturalization in a sentence, as well as synonyms and antonyms of naturalization, you will have a much better grasp on how it should be used, and you'll feel more confortable with using it much sooner.

Below you will find the definition of naturalization, followed by 44 sample sentences (from real sources), gradually increasing in length.


(noun) - the proceeding whereby a foreigner is granted citizenship

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EXAMPLES - Naturalization in a Sentence

  1. Not just Bahraini Shiites oppose the naturalization. (source)
  2. [Father Antonio] Rodriguez calls a naturalization of death. (source)
  3. Therefore, I am Canadian by naturalization, which is also legal. (source)
  4. Thus new citizens may be born or they may be created by naturalization. (source)
  5. "But today, most Sunnis are strongly against the naturalization," he says. (source)
  6. I'm going to my citizenship ceremony which is called "naturalization" here! (source)
  7. As soon as he was legally able, Parlak eagerly applied for naturalization in 1998. (source)
  8. Only children of illegal residents were eligible for naturalization, they were told. (source)
  9. Also, in cases where naturalization is not at issue, commerce with foreign states would be. (source)
  10. We do require affirmation of loyalty in the naturalization oath, but that is a different context. (source)
  11. One of the categories under which one may apply for naturalization is five years 'residency in Mexico. (source)
  12. We accept the term "naturalization" to describe the process of the foreign-born taking on a new citizenship. (source)
  13. Our term naturalization signifies essentially the same thing; viz., that the subject is made to be a natural born (source)
  14. The government also approved criteria that would make approximately 800 of the children eligible for naturalization. (source)
  15. WIAN: Nearly 3,000 immigrants swore allegiance to their new country at a naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles Friday. (source)
  16. The US Constitution entrusts the federal government with authority over immigration, naturalization and deportation matters. (source)
  17. In telling the brigade about the naturalization ceremony, the vice president used some of his characteristic colorful language. (source)
  18. His naturalization petition was denied and, astonishingly, the Bush administration initiated deportation proceedings against him. (source)
  19. Nearly two decades after El Salvador's civil war, a new generation is experiencing what Rodriguez calls a naturalization of death. (source)
  20. Mr. Obama criticized the law at a recent naturalization ceremony for 24 active-duty service members in the White House Rose Garden. (source)
  21. The vice president marked the Fourth of July holiday by attending a naturalization ceremony for soldiers who were becoming U.S. citizens. (source)
  22. Why are foreigners required to read sections from the Constitution of the United States before they receive their "naturalization" papers? (source)
  23. A strict citizenship law based on blood lines was only recently loosened under the previous Red-Green government, making naturalization easier. (source)
  24. Anti-war protestors interrupted his remarks at a naturalization ceremony for new U.S. citizens held at Thomas Jefferson's famous home in Monticello. (source)
  25. The agency's pending naturalization applications stood at nearly 927,000 in October 2007, a 92% increase from the end of the previous fiscal year in October 2006. (source)
  26. Charges include conspiracy, marriage fraud, false claims, theft of government property, false statements related to naturalization or citizenship and naturalization fraud. (source)
  27. However, this goal itself, and the corresponding commitment to a particular kind of naturalization of the mind, is insufficiently subjected to scrutiny on the current scene. (source)
  28. Undaunted, the Bush administration continued to press for deportation on the remarkable ground that Parlak had not disclosed his arrest in Turkey on his naturalization petition. (source)
  29. Critics say that this window is too narrow and is likely to lead to the deportation of hundreds of kids who are eligible for naturalization but fall through the bureaucratic cracks. (source)
  30. Holder parried questions from Smith on whether the Justice Department is moving to revoke the naturalization of Shahzad and whether the Pakistani American was incited by "radical Islam." (source)
  31. Citizenship and Immigration Services received 1.4 million applications for naturalization in the fiscal year ended October 2007, nearly double the volume received for the previous fiscal year. (source)
  32. There seems to be an apt analogy between the huge growth in the "naturalization" of packaged goods in grocery stores and supermarket aisles and the massive transformation of organic fresh foods. (source)
  33. Only in 1938 did they exert themselves to obtain papers of naturalization (which, for whatever reason, were not issued) and go through the motions of renouncing the Judaic faith in favor of the Catholic. (source)
  34. What Ms. Schulman termed the "naturalization" of AIDS occurred as generations indoctrinated with lessons of abstinence and safer sex practice lost touch with a time when AIDS was stigmatized as a "gay plague." (source)
  35. The letter advised Mr. Aranda to learn about "procedures for your possible naturalization as a U.S. citizen" and closes: "Once you obtain U.S. citizenship, you may execute another application for a U.S. passport." (source)
  36. HIV-positive Canadian citizens, for example, could be denied entry to the United States if information from health and drug records were shared with border patrol agents and immigration and naturalization officials. (source)
  37. After a year-long battle over the children's fate, the Israeli government recently approved criteria that will make 800 eligible for naturalization, leaving another 400 vulnerable to expulsion, along with their parents. (source)
  38. I love the Republic that our founders gave us, unfortunately I cannot see much of the Republic left. article I s. 8 only gives the central government the right to create uniform rules of naturalization, meaning rules of becoming a citizen. (source)
  39. There's a longstanding law that goes all the way back to World War II that says if you serve this country honorably, then there's something called an expedited path to naturalization, so there is a way for fighting men and women to become citizens. (source)
  40. Surely rewarding illegal immigrants undermines the entire naturalization process, yet "getting tough" on immigration does warrant ostracizing those coming to our country seeking better opportunities, and working jobs that many of us would not consider. (source)
  41. People picked for this naturalization "aren't just Sunnis," but religious fundamentalists "who share the hatred of the Shiites," asserts Hassan Mushaima, leader of Bahrain's Haq Shiite movement who was imprisoned for three months this year for his role in violent street protests. (source)
  42. Mr. Biden began Independence Day by greeting more than 200 U.S. soldiers from 59 countries who were becoming American citizens at a naturalization ceremony in a marble domed hall at one of Saddam Hussein's palaces at Camp Victory, the U.S. military headquarters on the outskirts of Baghdad. (source)
  43. This is commonly referred to as the "touchback rule," explains Maria Blanco, director of the Earl Warren Institute at the UC Berkeley, School of Law, and it is among the most insurmountable restrictions placed on the legal naturalization process in the name of "immigration reform" passed in 1996. (source)
  44. In the absence of conventional agreement as to naturalization, which is greatly to be desired, this Government sees no occasion to recede from the sound position it has maintained not only with regard to France, but as to all countries with which the United States have not concluded special treaties. (source)

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The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 44 example sentences provided below is 31.0, which suggests that "naturalization" is a difficult word that tends to be used by individuals of higher education, and is likely found in more advanced literature or in academia.


We have 8 synonyms for naturalization.

acclimatization, acculturation, accustoming, adapting, conditioning, habituation, nationalization, rooting


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Syllabification: u-ral-i-za-tion


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from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (noun) The action of naturalizing somebody.
  2. (noun) The admission or adoption of foreign words or customs into general use.
  3. (noun) The introduction and establishment of an animal or plant into a place where it is not indigenous.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (noun) The act or process of naturalizing, esp. of investing an alien with the rights and privileges of a native or citizen; also, the state of being naturalized.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (noun) The act of naturalizing, or the state of being naturalized; specifically, in law, the act of receiving an alien into the condition, and investing him with the rights and privileges, of a natural subject or citizen.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (noun) the proceeding whereby a foreigner is granted citizenship
  2. (noun) the quality of being brought into conformity with nature
  3. (noun) the introduction of animals or plants to places where they flourish but are not indigenous
  4. (noun) changing the pronunciation of a borrowed word to agree with the borrowers' phonology