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Sacrilege in a Sentence

Examples of sacrilege in a sentence

Sacrilege is a pretty challenging word, but we're here to help you better understand it...with EXAMPLES!

When learning new words, it's important to see how they're used, or to see them in the different contexts in which they're often used, and that's just what we'll do to help you better understand sacrilege (and many other English words!). By seeing different ways you can use sacrilege in a sentence, as well as synonyms and antonyms of sacrilege, you will have a much better grasp on how it should be used, and you'll feel more confortable with using it much sooner.

Below you will find the definition of sacrilege, followed by 44 sample sentences (from real sources), gradually increasing in length.


(noun) - blasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character

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EXAMPLES - Sacrilege in a Sentence

  1. This may be "sacrilege," but it is also delicious. (source)
  2. So what if we want to argue that this sacrilege is valid? (source)
  3. Video: Martin Sullivan discusses 'sacrilege' at the gallery (source)
  4. Elizabeth's Opera House as "sacrilege", joining actors Ken Gampu and (source)
  5. Mother and daughter; a kind of sacrilege, as if he had betrayed Molly! (source)
  6. Maybe just maybe what the religionites called sacrilege doesn't really matter to God. (source)
  7. When you have a human soul at your mercy like that, it's a kind of sacrilege to laugh at it. (source)
  8. Thwackum was resolved a crime of this kind, which he called sacrilege, should not go unpunished. (source)
  9. But later today we'll get a chance to step out on what some call sacrilege, others call stunning. (source)
  10. Again, if you want to know what actual Christians think about DeMint's "sacrilege" line, here you go. (source)
  11. Owen Lanyon's forcible seizure of one in distraint for taxes appeared a kind of sacrilege in the eyes of the Boers. (source)
  12. The name of this widow was Pepin, and the scene of the sacrilege was a small enclosure on the hill of the Moulins-a-Vent. (source)
  13. While some would call it sacrilege to deface such a well-known icon, there is a long history of ads on the left-field wall. (source)
  14. Thinking of them, I'm put in mind of three quotes on the difference between easy, safe "sacrilege" and hard, risky sacrilege: (source)
  15. Why should he be punished as he was, stricken in a place so sacred that the effort to defend himself had seemed a kind of sacrilege? (source)
  16. Another example which complements this intra-cultural sacrilege, as a case of cross-cultural sacrilege, is that of the Mohammed cartoons. (source)
  17. Later, the leader of Cyprus' Orthodox Church condemned the monk's attempt, calling the ordeal "sacrilege"according to the Associated Press. (source)
  18. From first to last, the whole fabric is claimed to be "sacred and divine," and to question it, "sacrilege" and "profanation of holy things." (source)
  19. He who receives the Sacraments of the living in mortal sin commits a sacrilege, which is a great sin, because it is an abuse of a sacred thing. (source)
  20. The Apostle Peter was there and other Christians; they prayed that he might not be successful because they thought he was indulging in sacrilege. (source)
  21. This religious scrupulosity, which made him abhor all interference with the freedom and openness of the understanding as the worst kind of sacrilege, was (source)
  22. In like manner the third species of sacrilege, which is committed against other sacred things, has various degrees, according to the differences of sacred things. (source)
  23. Thus a man may come to have the idea of sacrilege or murder, by enumerating to him the simple ideas which these words stand for; without ever seeing either of them committed. (source)
  24. The NoZe Brotherhood, as the group was called, was formally banned by Baylor two years before Paul arrived on the grounds of "sacrilege," the university president said at the time. (source)
  25. a blessing; the profanation of a consecrated person or thing carries with it a new species of sin, namely sacrilege, which the profanation of a blessed person or thing does not always do. (source)
  26. Driven by myth [...] horror can only be expressed by and in sacrilege: the impious cults, hideous ceremonies, blasphemous rites elsewhere mentioned, which tell a reverse history of salvation. (source)
  27. Recognition that a Muslim state might commit the ultimate in sacrilege by beheading a person who had been dangled on the Prophet's knee has imbued modern political Shiism with a distrust of the state. (source)
  28. Hence by an extension of the term, whatever savors of irreverence for the sovereign, such as disputing his judgment, and questioning whether one ought to follow it, is called sacrilege by a kind of likeness. (source)
  29. That any rational being should have even the shred of an excuse for regarding her as the political coquette, using her beauty for a personal end, struck him as a kind of sacrilege, and made him rage inwardly. (source)
  30. The Carthaginians retained the barbarous custom of offering human sacrifices to their gods, (518) till the ruin of their city: (519) an action which ought to have been called a sacrilege rather than a sacrifice. (source)
  31. I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go into this part of the debate because I think sacrilege is something of a separate issue here which complexifies things greatly, so I probably gave the Art and Religion relationship short shrift. (source)
  32. I wondered if I was involved in some kind of sacrilege, singing like this in the face of all that had gone down - the wind roaring increasingly louder and stronger, as though filled with spirits, as though trying to blow me over, make me stop. (source)
  33. And that hath occasioned men, who contract the guilt of persecuting God's only dedicated portion, to put the notion of sacrilege upon tithes and titles, and I know not what, that God never dedicated, nor put his name upon, nor ever took possession of. (source)
  34. When, however, his enemies accused him of disloyalty to the Ostrogothic king, alleging that he plotted to restore "Roman liberty", and added the accusation of "sacrilege" (the practice of astrology), neither his noble birth nor his great popularity availed him. (source)
  35. As my readers can easily procure a copy of it, it would be a kind of sacrilege to give so grand a march shorn of any of its noble proportions; and I can with far more justice give an example which embraces two of the most predominant traits of Hungarian songs -- the (source)
  36. Actually I agree that the issue in the case of sacrilege is power, but it's the power differential between the religion and the individual rather than between the dominant culture-as-community and the marginalised culture-as-community that's the deciding factor for me. (source)
  37. But if the tariff reformers are so touchy and intolerant that they resent the slightest attack or criticism from their opponents as if it were sacrilege, that is nothing to the fury which they exhibit when any of their friends on the Conservative side begin to ask a few questions. (source)
  38. Even if it is indisputable that Bobby Moore was a football god who in one of the greatest games ever played fought Pele to a standstill, no-one should sneer the word sacrilege if it should happen this evening in Seville that his total of 108 caps for England is matched by David Beckham. (source)
  39. A widow may not wear any of these ornaments; she is always impure, being perpetually haunted by the ghost of her dead husband, and they could thus be of no advantage to her; while, on the other hand, her wearing them would probably be considered a kind of sacrilege or pollution of the holy ornaments. (source)
  40. Hence according to the present judgment the pain of death is not inflicted for theft which does not inflict an irreparable harm, except when it is aggravated by some grave circumstance, as in the case of sacrilege which is the theft of a sacred thing, of peculation, which is theft of common property, as (source)
  41. When one of the Stax gangsters first suggested to Hayes that he be marketed as "The Black Moses," Hayes wouldn't even want to discuss what he saw as "sacrilege," but soon Black Moses was released, complete with a cover that opened out into the shape of a cross, with Hayes 'shaved head and Mike Tyson physique on full display. (source)
  42. I have hesitated to give this verdict before, because it seemed like rank heresy or a kind of sacrilege; but having asked every man I have come across, especially the Regular soldier, his estimate of this person, and always receiving the same emphatic reply, I feel I can now make my few remarks without being regarded as too hasty or ill-informed. (source)
  43. There are some that detest them as a kind of sacrilege and count it the height of impiety to speak so irreverently of such hidden things, rather to be adored than explicated; to dispute of them with such profane and heathenish niceties; to define them so arrogantly and pollute the majesty of divinity with such pithless and sordid terms and opinions. (source)
  44. If, however, there be various motives, there are various species: for instance, if one man were to take another's property from where he ought not, so as to wrong a sacred place, this would constitute the species called sacrilege, while if another were to take another's property when he ought not, merely through the lust of possession, this would be a case of simple avarice. (source)

Sentence Information

The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 44 example sentences provided below is 45.0, which suggests that "sacrilege" is a difficult word that tends to be used by individuals of higher education, and is likely found in more advanced literature or in academia.


We have 13 synonyms for sacrilege.

blasphemy, crime, curse, desecration, heresy, impiety, mockery, offense, profanation, profaneness, profanity, sin, violation


We have 6 antonyms for sacrilege.

kindness, obedience, piety, praise, respect, reverence


Pronunciation: (săkˈrə-lĭj)

Syllabification: sac-ri-lege


View up to 25 definitions of sacrilege from 5 different sources, as well as parts of speech.

from The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  1. (noun) Desecration, profanation, misuse, or theft of something sacred.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (noun) desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something regarded as sacred

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (noun) The sin or crime of violating or profaning sacred things; the alienating to laymen, or to common purposes, what has been appropriated or consecrated to religious persons or uses.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (noun) The violation, desecration, or profanation of sacred things.
  2. (noun) In a more specific sense: The alienation to laymen or to common purposes of that which has been appropriated or consecrated to religious persons or uses.
  3. (noun) The felonious taking of any goods out of any church or chapel.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (noun) blasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character