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Temerity in a Sentence

Examples of temerity in a sentence

Temerity is a pretty tough word, but we're here to help you better understand it...with EXAMPLES!

When learning new words, it's important to see how they're used, or to see them in the different contexts in which they're often used, and that's just what we'll do to help you better understand temerity (and many other English words!). By seeing different ways you can use temerity in a sentence, as well as synonyms and antonyms of temerity, you will have a much better grasp on how it should be used, and you'll feel more confortable with using it much sooner.

Below you will find the definition of temerity, followed by 43 sample sentences (from real sources), gradually increasing in length.


(noun) - fearless daring

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EXAMPLES - Temerity in a Sentence

  1. The time gained by that "temerity" made success _possible_. (source)
  2. He has the temerity to claim that this will actually create jobs. (source)
  3. He has the temerity to dismiss objectivity as an absurd standard in journalism. (source)
  4. Bertram's tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth in shock at this young mage's temerity. (source)
  5. One of them, ignoring the respect due a returning hunter, had the temerity to tug at his cloak. (source)
  6. Wonder at his temerity was the impression made by the news, but wonder unmixed with apprehension. (source)
  7. It took the kind of temerity for which his father is known for Brendan Burke, at 21, to go public. (source)
  8. He had the temerity to take the opportunity to be a Rhodes Scholar and forego his senior year at college. (source)
  9. Hopefully that will quiet down the bellyachers who wanted his head after he had the temerity to lose to Butler. (source)
  10. Most Democrats have come to understand that they can't run on ObamaCare, but few have the temerity of Ron Wyden. (source)
  11. She even persists in these things, and is honestly horrified at what she calls the temerity of going without them. (source)
  12. After all, we have the temerity to think that our thoughts are important enough that others will want to read them. (source)
  13. The defending champions had the temerity to lose a second game in a row, and their record fell all the way down to 7-3. (source)
  14. She actually found a Christmas gift for Cameron, although she was not certain that she had the temerity to present it to him. (source)
  15. Whoever had the temerity to disagree with Richard III's opinion or argued with him went to prison -- at best -- or had to die. (source)
  16. In 1968 the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia because they had the "temerity" in wanting to be independent of the Russian's influence. (source)
  17. I particularly enjoyed the horror stories about those few, strategically challenged souls who had the temerity not to learn golf. (source)
  18. Alex Rodriguez (why is it always him?) had the temerity to run across the mound in Oakland, getting the pitcher's knickers in a twist. (source)
  19. President Obama had the nerve - the temerity - to say that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. (source)
  20. He fires off his questions, essentially demanding to know where Turkey gets the temerity to disagree with us on Israel, Iran, Hamas and other issues. (source)
  21. Some were surprised I had the temerity to ask these questions on Robert Gibbs' last day, but I felt I had the right to speak up after 43 years on the job. (source)
  22. True, he once had the temerity to berate "fat cats" on Wall Street, but that remark was the exception -- and subsequently caused him endless problems on the Street. (source)
  23. The few recent dramas that tentatively suggested the world outside our wartime shell have been critically savaged for having had the temerity to address big questions. (source)
  24. When she had the temerity to sign on as host of a late night show on Fox, she was fired as Carson's permanent substitute host and, she reported, he never again spoke to her. (source)
  25. Yet Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council have the temerity to misrepresent the Pentagon's decision on Graham as an assault on their faith's inner core: Jesus Christ's gospel. (source)
  26. General Pierce was as distinguished for what we must term his temerity in personal exposure, as for the higher traits of leadership, wherever there was an opportunity for their display. (source)
  27. To say that "we the people" have done a sorry job of holding our representatives accountable or standing up for our rights is putting it mildly, but there must be a limit to our temerity. (source)
  28. Later his own lawyer Wim Trengove defended him with by saying that firing him would be "an unforgivable injustice to a good man" who had had the "temerity" to pursue the prosecution of National Police (source)
  29. So was the news establishment, faced with the fact that a freelance reporter got access to the (former) Afghan war commander and his team, and had the apparent temerity to report exactly what he heard. (source)
  30. When an American Jew has the temerity to call out Israel for this, or this, or this, the knee-jerk response from the right call them the Israel First crowd if you must is to accuse the claimant of being anti-Israel. (source)
  31. That is indeed a superb example of the gun maker's art, but who would have the temerity to actually take that rifle on safari, much less subject it to the indignities of being in cargo holds and handled by ramp apes? (source)
  32. As we proceeded the Confederates gained confidence, probably on account of the reputation with which its new commander had been heralded, and on the third day's march had the temerity to annoy my rear guard considerably. (source)
  33. They were, naturally, delighted at everything they saw, and admired her model greatly: but were, nevertheless, loud in their expressions of wonder at what they termed our temerity in venturing on so long a voyage in such a mere boat. (source)
  34. After seeming to be front and center as the negotiations closed, the bishops were outmaneuvered by a coalition of religious sisters who had the temerity to decide that flawed health care reform was better than no health care reform at all. (source)
  35. In this band of gallant men, it is not too much to say, General Pierce was as distinguished for what we must term his temerity in personal exposure, as for the higher traits of leadership, wherever there was an opportunity for their display. (source)
  36. Set 5 ($49.99; Acorn) with three stand-alone features has the temerity to tackle Murder On The Orient Express and while I won't forget the movie anytime soon, Barbara Hershey and Eileen Atkins are a treat alongside David Suchet's definitive characterization. (source)
  37. At the time -- and in the 68 years since the raid -- the British government consistently refused to apologize for the fact that their Special Operations Executive had had the temerity to give their undercover operatives passports that bore the names of unrelated living people! (source)
  38. And of course it makes me nuts to hear almost all of our media following the government's lead and refer to those from Afghanistan who are not thrilled with the presence of an invading army "us" yet "we" have the temerity to call "them" (the people who live there) "insurgents." (source)
  39. Having been arrested for a drink driving accident in 2007, it was not two months before Lindsay was apprehended again, this time having commandeered a luxury sports utility vehicle in order to engage in a high-speed, small-hours pursuit of a personal assistant who had just had the temerity to resign. (source)
  40. Lee had two surgeons in his corps, Irvine and Skinner; Irvine was apt to expose himself to danger, but Skinner, although he had on one occasion killed his adversary in a duel, was a coward; and the method he now took to punish Irvine for what he called his temerity, was not to dress his wounds until the last. (source)
  41. It beggars the term "temerity" that one such newspaper patronisingly refers to the New Nation as more of a "propaganda organ" than a newspaper when we recall how that very newspaper shamelessly cheered the murderous death squads of the NP that tried to assassinate Albie Sachs, now a Constitutional Court judge!! (source)
  42. Zucker blames the public for stopping to gawk at the trainwreck while refusing to acknowledge that there is a trainwreck and that he caused it; it would be like shooting someone then blaming that person for getting blood on your carpet and the police for having the temerity to make a big stink about it by arresting you. (source)
  43. And another source who was close enough to her at the time to know reports that, rather than having been "disappointed for about seven seconds," Sarah was furious that Frank had had the temerity to refuse to give her his Senate seat and that four years later she made her decision to run against Frank in the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary election in no small part in order to settle that score. (source)

Sentence Information

The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 43 example sentences provided below is 51.0, which suggests that "temerity" is a fairly difficult word that is likely understood by a majority of individuals with an undergraduate degree, and may be found in ocassionaly in news articles or other forms of literature.


We have 31 synonyms for temerity.

assurance, boldness, brass, carelessness, daring, effrontery, foolhardiness, forwardness, gall, hardihood, hastiness, heedlessness, impertinence, impetuosity, imprudence, impudence, impulsiveness, indiscretion, intrepidity, intrusiveness, overconfidence, pluck, precipitancy, precipitateness, precipitation, presumption, rashness, recklessness, rudeness, thoughtlessness, venturesomeness


We have 12 antonyms for temerity.

care, carefulness, caution, cowardice, fear, forethought, hesitation, humility, manners, modesty, politeness, shyness


Pronunciation: (tə-mĕrˈĭ-tē)

Syllabification: te-mer-i-ty


View up to 25 definitions of temerity from 5 different sources, as well as parts of speech.

from The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  1. (noun) Foolhardy disregard of danger; recklessness.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (noun) Reckless boldness; foolish bravery.
  2. (noun) An act or case of reckless boldness.
  3. (noun) Effrontery; impudence.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (noun) Unreasonable contempt of danger; extreme venturesomeness; rashness.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (noun) Extreme venturesomeness; rashness; recklessness.
  2. (noun) Synonyms Rashness, Temerity (see rashness); venturesomeness, presumption, foolhardiness.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (noun) fearless daring