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Unalloyed in a Sentence

Examples of unalloyed in a sentence

Unalloyed is a pretty tough word, but we're here to help you better understand it...with EXAMPLES!

When learning new words, it's important to see how they're used, or to see them in the different contexts in which they're often used, and that's just what we'll do to help you better understand unalloyed (and many other English words!). By seeing different ways you can use unalloyed in a sentence, as well as synonyms and antonyms of unalloyed, you will have a much better grasp on how it should be used, and you'll feel more confortable with using it much sooner.

Below you will find the definition of unalloyed, followed by 34 sample sentences (from real sources), gradually increasing in length.


(adjective) - free from admixture

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EXAMPLES - Unalloyed in a Sentence

  1. The last unalloyed, inarguable success was Reagan. (source)
  2. Ms. Mulcahy's tenure hasn't been an unalloyed success. (source)
  3. And for whatever reason, people are fascinated by pure, unalloyed evil. (source)
  4. He pronounced on the American condition with stark, unalloyed confidence. (source)
  5. Zuckerberg is championing "openness" and connectedness as an unalloyed good. (source)
  6. "This was a movie in which it is unalloyed joy that glories in love and courage." (source)
  7. And that's where the Milton Friedman-quoting governor has been an unalloyed disaster. (source)
  8. When it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton, though, Mr. Blair's admiration is unalloyed. (source)
  9. I think that's as unalloyed triumph as you're going to get in a six-way contested primary. (source)
  10. If we wanted unalloyed violence of response then would we not have placed the Army on the street? (source)
  11. That was mostly because she agreed that the process of painting your apartment is an unalloyed crap shoot. (source)
  12. The Singapore company has its work cut out if it wants to present this as an unalloyed positive for the group. (source)
  13. There is something in us that resists the idea of unalloyed evil/badness in even the most disreputable governments. (source)
  14. I'm not a techno-utopian, believing that technology alone will solve all our problems, or that it's an unalloyed good. (source)
  15. California's Senate race is one of a handful of contests where the President's presence is close to an unalloyed benefit. (source)
  16. An unalloyed blessing, at least for the moment, is Whitman's newfound engagement with California's diminished press corps. (source)
  17. Notwithstanding his advocacy of public amenities, and an array of radical causes, he was not an unalloyed champion of municipal housing. (source)
  18. And then he turned to cranking out bad comedy after bad comedy - unalloyed trash like The Great Outdoors, Career Opportunities, Beethoven. (source)
  19. Such antics led some players and fans to consider Mr. Lima a self-indulgent showboat, but his unalloyed exuberance made him a favorite with fans. (source)
  20. Thus Mexico may not be an unalloyed disaster if silver can creep back to the $12 range in short order, gold holds its ground and copper tops $2 again. (source)
  21. The pleasure may not always be unalloyed: I well remember my inner groans when one of them would constantly pick my least favourite book from the shelf. (source)
  22. So far his good is almost entirely unalloyed, which is why some don't like him-it's hard to believe there are people who are so saintly or so uncomplicated. (source)
  23. Messrs. Brooks and Will have not (yet) declared themselves acolytes of Hope, but have made clear that they view Mrs. Palin as an unalloyed dead weight on the GOP. (source)
  24. Yet, for reasons that are difficult to fathom, given the unalloyed successes of law enforcement, Holder has decided to blink in the face of critics of Mirandization. (source)
  25. But that's not stopped the administration from taking the line that the oil's disappearance is unalloyed good news, and that it's safe for the bon temps to roulez once more. (source)
  26. The shock of ecstasy, the sudden realization of joy, a spring of sheer unalloyed happiness which for all its surging excitement was yet paradoxically rooted in fulfilment and peace. (source)
  27. The portraiture of Keats, though, was not unalloyed: "Any resemblance once captured by Haydon or Brown or even Severn becomes not only diluted through imitation and time but distorted by assumption." (source)
  28. Life within the Ship, alternately harsh and workaday, had placed no strain on his innate capacity to experience beauty; for the first time in his life he knew the intolerable ecstasy of beauty unalloyed. (source)
  29. True, as the 100 days go by, the unalloyed hope of the poets suffers slight erosion -- but even by the end it's a very hopeful response, one very much in tune with majority feeling in the country by Day 100. (source)
  30. It may not be an entirely unalloyed tale of triumph through hard work: Green is blond and handsome, and his big breakthrough hit, I Need You Tonight, is largely composed of the monster hook from the INXS song of the same name. (source)
  31. What happened: Damon Albarn's supergroup has two giant live acts to live up to: not just U2, who pulled out of this slot when Bono injured his back in May, but also Albarn's own Blur, whose emotional reunion at last year's festival was an unalloyed triumph. (source)
  32. For example, his section on "James Joyce as Parodist" draws not on "Ulysses," as one might expect given the novel's many imitations of literary styles, but on Joyce's letters and "casual writings," where, as Mr. Gross says, he "was happy to play the parodist pure and unalloyed." (source)
  33. Mr. Wood, a foundation executive who has worked for the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, clearly wishes that somehow Bard and his fellow preservationists could themselves have been landmarked -- the book is a paean to their efforts and a celebration of the landmarks law as an unalloyed good. (source)
  34. So if Governor Perry would articulate a principled rejection of this bipartisan witch's brew and resist the usual bromides about the evils and inefficiencies of government and the unalloyed ability of the private sector to solve almost any problem, then a much-needed debate on the direction of public education will be joined. (source)

Sentence Information

The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 34 example sentences provided below is 51.0, which suggests that "unalloyed" is a fairly difficult word that is likely understood by a majority of individuals with an undergraduate degree, and may be found in ocassionaly in news articles or other forms of literature.


We have 28 synonyms for unalloyed.

-carat, 24-carat, absolute, accurate, actual, bona fide, certain, demonstrable, exact, factual, good, hard, honest, indubitable, kosher, legitimate, literal, natural, official, original, palpable, plain, positive, precise, proved, pure, sound, sterling


We have 17 antonyms for unalloyed.

affected, counterfeit, deceiving, deceptive, dishonest, doubtful, dubious, false, illegitimate, indefinite, insincere, misleading, questionable, sham, uncertain, unreal, unsure


Pronunciation: (ŭnˌə-loidˈ)

Syllabification: al-loyed


View up to 25 definitions of unalloyed from 5 different sources, as well as parts of speech.

from The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  1. (adjective) Not in mixture with other metals; pure.
  2. (adjective) Complete; unqualified: unalloyed blessings; unalloyed relief.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (adjective) Not alloyed; not in mixture with other metals; pure.
  2. (adjective) Complete and unreserved; pure; not restricted, modified, or qualified by reservations.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (adjective) Not alloyed; not reduced by foreign admixture; unmixed; unqualified; pure.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (None) Not alloyed; not debased or reduced by foreign admixture; hence, pure; complete; entire; as, metals unalloyed; unalloyed satisfaction.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (adjective) free from admixture