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Vaunt in a Sentence

Examples of vaunt in a sentence

Vaunt is a slightly difficult word, but we're here to help you better understand it...with EXAMPLES!

When learning new words, it's important to see how they're used, or to see them in the different contexts in which they're often used, and that's just what we'll do to help you better understand vaunt (and many other English words!). By seeing different ways you can use vaunt in a sentence, as well as synonyms and antonyms of vaunt, you will have a much better grasp on how it should be used, and you'll feel more confortable with using it much sooner.

Below you will find the definition of vaunt, followed by 34 sample sentences (from real sources), gradually increasing in length.

vaunt(vônt, vŏnt)

(verb) - show off

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EXAMPLES - Vaunt in a Sentence

  1. You vaunt that things have really, really changed. (source)
  2. An wouldst be life-long safe, vaunt not delight, viii. (source)
  3. Seven: "You vaunt that things have really, really changed." (source)
  4. Is loyalty the value that Republicans vaunt above all others? (source)
  5. He was king of the blooddrinkers -- Kwa remembered Bele's vaunt. (source)
  6. I mean, if things had really changed, there would be no need for you to vaunt. (source)
  7. Time is also running out on Greg's ability to vaunt himself on such formulas as: (source)
  8. MS. MYERS: No personnel announcements for you other than the vaunt of Ginny Terzano. (source)
  9. Go then, vaunt thyself, and drive thy petty trade in viands formed of lifeless food; take (source)
  10. In point of boring h istorical fact, the mention of Persepolis in his hero's vaunt is a serious anachronism. (source)
  11. That, and something more elementary into the bargain: not just a rhetorical vaunt but a phonetic vector as well. (source)
  12. Go vaunt thee then on thy sceptre, after betraying thine own brother! while seek some different means and other friends. (source)
  13. He is even a member of a club called the Boosters, whose sole purpose is to celebrate and vaunt Zenith's virtues wherever possible. (source)
  14. Forasmuch as all other nations are wont to vaunt the glory of their achievements, and reap joy from the remembrance of their forefathers: (source)
  15. And spite of all we vaunt ourselves, one on the riches of his house, another be, cause he has an honoured name amongst his fellow-citizens! (source)
  16. For she herself recounted all things to the gods fully, how that with these they would gain victory and a glorious cause to vaunt themselves. (source)
  17. The script may vaunt Eduardo and demonize Zuckerberg, but it also begs the question -- who would we rather be, given the way things turned out? (source)
  18. Now when Shah Zaman drew near the capital of his brother he despatched vaunt couriers and messengers of glad tidings to announce his arrival, and (source)
  19. If ever you want to glamourise and vaunt a side dish of vegetables, or if you are looking for vegetables presented as a main course, look no further. (source)
  20. He who boasts loud and with big words challenges other men to battle, is bound to be venturous and act up to his words, that his deed may avouch his vaunt. (source)
  21. That's in every child's imagination when they want to grow up and be an vaunt to be able to do something like that, and Rick would have thought it was incredibly cool. (source)
  22. I think a school like Columbia or Pomona could easily vaunt to the very top of the American college list with such a plan, if they also endowed a few top chairs at the same time. (source)
  23. Or perhaps those so eager to vaunt and idolize The One, The Messiah's every pronouncement, are not acquainted with post hoc apologetics and rationalizations in the political arena. (source)
  24. Well-heeled Chinese individuals aren't shy about flaunting their wealth, and it is one of the few markets in which manufacturers can openly vaunt the luxurious nature of their products. (source)
  25. Nearly all of them _would_ speak of her ladyship's favors -- of the body carnal as well as the body financial -- and some would go so far as to vaunt their conquest in the coffee houses. (source)
  26. To make a vaunt of being poor was another of the incidents of his splenetic state, though this may have had the design in it of showing that he ought to be rich; just as he would publicly laud and decry the (source)
  27. But, whenever I sat talking with them, they would praise travel and proclaim its pleasures and vaunt the gains they had made therein; and they ceased not to urge me to accompany them in travelling over foreign parts. (source)
  28. I knew Manhattan only at street level, fitfully, and felt a little isolated, and the place scared me with its knowingness, its offhand vaunt, a style of mind and guise that can be harder to learn than some dialect of the Transvaal. (source)
  29. I swore to her, if ever it crossed my path, to hunt it down; never to let it rest; to pursue it with the bitterest and most unrelenting animosity; to vent upon it the hatred that I deeply felt, and to spit upon the empty vaunt of that insulting will by draggin it, if (source)
  30. I, the goddess Cypris, bear, both in heaven's courts and 'mongst all those who dwell within the limits of the sea and the bounds of Atlas, beholding the sun-god's light; those that respect my power I advance to honour, but bring to ruin all who vaunt themselves at me. (source)
  31. It is no vaunt to affirm that if Nicholas had had ten thousand pounds at the minute, he would, in his generous affection for the owner of the blushing cheek and downcast eye, have bestowed its utmost farthing, in perfect forgetfulness of himself, to secure her happiness. (source)
  32. Capaneus; though he had ample wealth, yet was he the last to boast of his prosperity; nor would he ever vaunt himself above a poorer neighbour, but shunned the man whose sumptuous board had puffed him up too high and made him scorn mere competence, for he held that virtue lies not in greedy gluttony, but that moderate means suffice. (source)
  33. Now when Shah Zaman drew near the capital of his brother, he dispatched vaunt-couriers and messengers of glad tidings to announce his arrival, and Shahryar came forth to meet him with his wazirs and emirs and lords and grandees of his realm, and saluted him and joyed with exceeding joy and caused the city to be decorated in his honor. (source)
  34. From July 4th when we thought he would make his announcement until now, they've been trying to put together something so he could hit the ground running, but he also has to be prepared personally, to give speeches that are -- that get not criticized but vaunt as they are listened to because, as you know, he's had some fairly bad speeches. (source)

Sentence Information

The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 34 example sentences provided below is 60.0, which suggests that "vaunt" is a standard word that is understood by individuals with a high school diploma or degree, and can be found in news articles, books, magazines and other places.


We have 8 synonyms for vaunt.

boast, brag, crow, display, flaunt, gasconade, prate, strut


We have 4 antonyms for vaunt.

be modest, conceal, deprecate, hide


Pronunciation: (vônt, vŏnt)

Syllabification: ['vaunt']


View up to 25 definitions of vaunt from 5 different sources, as well as parts of speech.

from The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  1. (verb-transitive) To speak boastfully of; brag about.
  2. (verb-intransitive) To speak boastfully; brag. See Synonyms at boast1.
  3. (noun) A boastful remark.
  4. (noun) Speech of extravagant self-praise.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  1. (verb) To speak boastfully.
  2. (verb) To speak boastfully about.
  3. (noun) A boast; an instance of vaunting.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  1. (verb-intransitive) To boast; to make a vain display of one's own worth, attainments, decorations, or the like; to talk ostentatiously; to brag.
  2. (verb-transitive) To boast of; to make a vain display of; to display with ostentation. In the latter sense, the term usually used is flaunt.
  3. (noun) A vain display of what one is, or has, or has done; ostentation from vanity; a boast; a brag.
  4. (noun) The first part.
  5. (verb-transitive) To put forward; to display.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  1. (None) To make a vain display of one's own worth, attainments, or powers; talk with vain ostentation: boast; brag.
  2. (None) To glory; exult; triumph.
  3. (None) To magnify or glorify with vanity; boast of; brag of.
  4. (None) To display or put forward boastfully; exhibit vaingloriously.
  5. (noun) A vain display of what one is, or has, or has done; ostentation from vanity; a boast; a brag.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  1. (verb) show off
  2. (noun) extravagant self-praise